We play custom-written arrangements of beautiful classical pieces (Verdi, Schubert, Shostakovich, Dvorak, Smetana…), folk melodies (Eastern European and Russian being particular favourites of ours), some of the great jazz tunes, and some original compositions. We also do some fabulous harmony group singing and percussion pieces.

• for young musicians learning any instrument
• all levels of musical experience welcome
• musical arrangements tailor-made for each child
• expert guidance from two passionate musicians

• orchestra sessions
• sectionals and one-to-one sessions
• drawing competitions based on the pieces we play
• held at St. Luke’s Primary School, where we have use of the lovely outside spaces for break times

The orchestra is led by:

BERND REST – a composer, guitarist, instrumental teacher and school orchestra leader
ROSIE BROWN – a singer-songwriter, voice and piano tutor and qualified primary school teacher