Philharmonic Friends is suitable for young musicians of all skill levels. What makes this orchestra special is that the parts will be tailor-made for each individual, according to their skill level and experience, leading to an amazing an inclusive musical experience for all.

Bernd is a highly accomplished composer and arranger. In his school orchestras, he takes great care to ensure that each child has a part that is just right: not too tricky and not too easy. He also is very happy to tweak parts during the rehearsals. In his current orchestras and ensembles, Bernd has players from almost complete beginners right through to Grade 8 standard! Philharmonic Friends is about making music together and experiencing the joy of playing in an ensemble.

We make sure that those children who are more advanced will have a part that will be interesting for them and as tricky as as they want, if they like a challenge! Bernd currently has a boy in one of his orchestras who is very advanced and whose mum was a little worried initially that he might perhaps be bored by the music being too easy for him. But by writing tailor-made parts that stretch him to his full ability (and even incorporating some new elements) Bernd has ensured that this young musician finds all his parts challenging and interesting and the ensemble playing very rewarding.

In the same orchestra there are some children in the very early stages of learning their instruments and who have only very basic experience of  reading music. By writing parts that consist only of notes and techniques they are already familiar with, Bernd ensures that every child can participate fully in the music-making.

Here is a small selection of parts of different skill levels from various arrangements: