Here are some of the lovely things that pupils and their parents have said:

“Our ten year old son Quincy had a fantastic time at Philharmonic Friends and he got a lot out of the experience. This was the first time he had played as part of an orchestra and he really enjoyed the musical and social sides of this fabulous new holiday club. Bernd and Rosie were incredibly caring and nurturing and Quincy obviously appreciated the amount of one-on-one time he had with each of them over the course of the 3 days, as well as the group work. The performance we got to witness at the end was really wonderful, and we were most impressed how well the children played together, despite their different levels of ability. They all seemed to enjoy it hugely. We can’t recommend Philharmonic Friends highly enough!”
Tim and Meredith, Worthing

“My 8 year old son LOVED his Philharmonic Friends 3 day workshop. I’m amazed by how focussed he was, how excited, and how proud he was of their achievements. It was the first time he’d played with other children, and he was thrilled by both the music they created and the fun they had in their breaks.”
Lou Cope

“My 10 year old, grade 2 ish, violinist daughter, thoroughly enjoyed the Easter club. She was a bit nervous to start with, as none of her friends were there, but Bernd and Rosie did a great job of coordinating the children and making everyone feel at home. Lots of play breaks in the playground, and a few biscuits helped I expect, but mainly it was because it was such a genuinely nice experience, all making music together with the wide selection of instruments, in a smallish group. She’s keen to come back for more! Many thanks.”

“With his commitment, creative flair and seemingly endless patience, Bernd is an inspirational teacher to our son Benji, both as a private guitar teacher and as school orchestra leader at St Luke’s Primary School. Attending the end of term performances are a genuine treat. The children’s enthusiasm is showcased in their solo performances, revealing Bernd’s dedication to each and every child, regardless of their level of ability.”
Monika Stedul and Julian Borger

“I am delighted that my daughter Laura has the opportunity to play in such a
fun, inclusive orchestra that also sounds great! She loves it.”
Diana Boyd

“Rosie and Bernd are wonderful musicians and seasoned performers as well as natural and engaging teachers. No doubts kids will flock to their orchestra and have loads of fun!”
Anna Roberts

“Rosie is an amazingly talented and inspirational music teacher. My daughter adores her piano lessons with Rosie and is not only learning to play the piano beautifully, but is also learning a whole new way of enjoying music. Rosie is very talented, kind and accommodating ad brings real fun and joy to the lessons. I couldn’t recommend her more highly!”
Anna deMoor

“I’m currently taking piano lessons from Rosie and having so much fun! I have learned a lot in each session and I look forward to my lesson every week. I feel totally comfortable asking questions as she is encouraging and helpful. I really recommend joining Philharmonic Friends and/or having lessons from Rosie and Bernd as they are amazing people! I can guarantee a fantastic time!”
Bethan (Year 9)

“Freddie has really enjoyed being part of the orchestra. It’s a great chance to experience the fun of playing with others and performing. The music is always diverse and interesting and keeps him interested. Bernd has a great way of getting the best out of the kids, he makes sure the parts they have to play are right for their level and, best of all, he makes it fun. The orchestra has definitely inspired Freddie to keep up his violin playing at times when his enthusiasm for his lessons was lagging. Thanks!”
Dr. Jennifer Cooke

“If I’d had the opportunity to have Rosie as my piano teacher as a kid I would’ve jumped at the chance. She’s great!”
Darren Edwards – parent of a piano pupil

“Rosie is an enthusiastic and encouraging piano teacher. She’s fun, joyful and friendly. I like her.”
Hannah (Year 5)

“Bernd arranges the pieces really well so that everyone gets a chance to play the melody. I really enjoy the club and strongly recommend it to everyone.”
Ben (Year 6)

“I’ve been very impressed by the quality of the performances I’ve seen. Bernd creates a supportive and encouraging atmosphere by choosing challenging yet fun pieces of music. Both my boys love going to orchestra.”
Rosie Styman

“It’s lots of fun!”
Joe (Year 4)

“Joe has really enjoyed going to orchestra. It has been a great experience for him to play music with other kids and to have a taste of ensemble performance in front of an audience. It has helped to build his confidence.”
Kate Duncan